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    Welcome to your first challenge as new tribes,

    There is a huge 20 row (across) by 20 column (down) word search puzzle. You will have 20 minutes to search through the puzzle with your tribe to uncover as many words pertaining to patagonia as possible.

    There are a predetermined amount of words in the word search. You will not know how many words there are, nor will you know which words are in the puzzle.

    The first tribe to "claim" a word keeps it.

    You claim a word by correctly posting three coordinates. To do this, you will have to first find the word and then locate the first letter of the word in the word search.

    First post the number of columns across the first letter appears. Then post the number of rows down the first letter appears. Then post the direction in which the word travels.

    A B C D
    A B R D
    A O C D
    W B C D

    If your word was "word" the coordinates should be posted as follows:

    Word (1, 4, NE)

    The first tribe to correctly post these coordinates along with the word, claim it. The tribe at the end of 20 minutes to claim the most words wins. Should both tribes claim the same amount of words at the end of 20 minutes, the tribe that claimed their last word faster wins.

    I know this is confusing so take a minute to ask questions.

    Palena, since you have 2 extra members, please sit two people out.

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